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At Opportunity Panama we are committed to assisting our global clients with all aspects of investing in Panama Real Estate.

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At Opportunity Panama we are committed to assisting our global clients with all aspects of investing in Panama real estate. We provide rental accommodation, sales, property management and project management allowing for a turn-key investment if the client chooses. We strive to provide accurate information and integrity ensuring our clients can make informed, wise and stress free decisions.  We prefer to work with a small group of like -minded people as we are a relationship, referral based company with a view to the long term. As our clients have the luxury of choosing to work with us, we reserve the right to choose who we will work with as clients. Hopefully, we will be a good fit, and we look forward to a long and loyal business relationship.

Last News

Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa

In May of 2012, President Ricardo Martinelli issued a Presidential Decree 343 declaring that citizens of 22 friendly nations could apply to become permanent residents in a fast track manner.
Since then, other Decrees have increased the number of friendly nations to 50. Read more.

How to Obtain Permanent Residency Visa in Panama

Panama Permanent Residency Visas. Panama offers several permanent residency visa programs.  Foreigners have several options to choose from in order to live permanently in Panama.
Here is a list with a short explanation of every Panama immigration visa that grants permanent residency:
Read more.


Panama Self Economic Solvency Visa

POLS offers experienced immigration lawyers who can assist you with obtaining a Panama Self Economic Solvency Visa.
Law N° 16, of June 30,1960 created this program to offer international investors the opportunity to obtain Panama legal residency, Panama citizenship (and a Panama passport) by making certain Panama investments.
Currently, the Panama Self Economic Solvency Visa offers three (3) different Panama investment options to qualify for Panama residency:
Read more.



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