The procedure for all resident permits (Panama visas) is the following:

1. Register passport at Panama Immigration.

2. Present application with all required documents to Panama immigration, with Government fees & Repatriation Deposit (if applicable).

3. Panama immigration department issues applicant “Provisional Processing Card” and Multiple Entry-Exit Visa (valid for 3 months to 1 year).

4. Panama immigration department issues applicant Permanent Residency Permit (Panama Visa) and “Panama Pensionado Resident Card”.

Passport Registration:

A short visit to Panama is required to register and stamp your Passport at the Panama immigration Office.  NOTE: No visitors wearing shorts, t-shirts or sandals are permitted in government offices.

The requirements are:

1. Two (2) passport sized photographs of the applicant (and dependents – if applicable).

2. Complete Panama immigration registration Form (Our law firm will provide this to Client, who only needs to complete and sign).

3. Original passport, and one (1) photocopy of passport (the original passport will be returned to the Client immediately after the registration).

Required Documents (for Panama Immigration processing):

Documents that Client must provide (for applicant and dependents – if applicable):

1. Photocopy of valid passport of the applicant (and dependents – if applicable), including the picture page (that shows the picture, name, date of birth, passport number, place of issue, etc.), and all other pages (all pages of the passport).
This should be provided after the Passport Registration is registered at the Panama immigration Office.  Please note that the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of the immigration application.

2. Six (6) passport sized photographs of the applicant (and dependents – if applicable).

3. Certificate of Good Health, issued by a licensed Panamanian hospital or clinic, signed by a registered, licensed physician, indicating that the applicant (and dependents – if applicable) has no contagious diseases and is in good mental and physical condition.  THIS MUST BE DONE DURING YOUR INITIAL VISIT TO PANAMA.

Documents that Client must provide (for applicant):

4. Documentation of Proof of Pension from either of the following:

a. If Pension is from a Government Institution or Social Security: Client must provide certification from the respective Government institution that pays the applicant’s retirement or pension income, certifying that the person receives a “pension” in the amount of at least US$1,000 per month FOR LIFE.  This document must be ‘original’, ‘official’, ‘updated’ and ‘authenticated’ (please check explanation of these terms below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the pension income certification document issued by the Government or by Social Security does not specifically state that the payment is a “PENSION” and it is for “LIFE”, then the applicant must provide a signed Affidavit (Sworn Declaration) stating that the payment is in concept of a “RETIREMENT PENSION” and that it is for “LIFE”. This Affidavit (Sworn Declaration) must be authenticated by a Public Notary & Secretary of State Apostil if issued in the USA, or otherwise, authenticated through the US consulate office in Panama.

b. If the Pension is from a Private Company: Client must provide a letter on company letterhead from the company that pays the applicant’s retirement or pension income, signed by a representative of the company, with complete contact information for verification purposes, certifying that the person receives a “pension for life” (the Pension Letter must use the words “pension for life”) in the amount of at least US$1,000 per month.  This document must ‘original’, ‘official’, ‘updated’ and ‘authenticated’ (please check explanation below of these terms).


– Clients should send in advance all of the required documents by courier before his/her first visit, or they can bring them during his/her first visit.

– Clients should download, fill out and complete the Immigration Departments’ “Filiation” Form and the Personal Background Info Application (Our law firm we will provide these forms). Please send these two application forms by fax or email before your first visit, so we can review them.

Documents that our law firm will provide to you:

1. Special Power of Attorney, signed by the applicant (and dependents – if applicable), authorizing our law firm to process the immigration applications and documentation.

2. Letter of Responsibility, signed by the applicant, whereby the applicant takes responsibility for his/her dependents (if applicable).

3. Panama immigration Declaration Forms, to be completed and signed by the applicant (and dependents – if applicable).

* Note: for authenticating documents through the Panamanian Consulate, please Contact Us to request the contact information of the Panamanian Consulate nearest you.

– All documents that come in a language other than Spanish, must be translated in Panama through an official certified Panamanian translator.

– All Passports validity should not be less than six (6) months prior to processing the Panama immigration application.

Meaning of terms:

– Original: Original issued documents, not copies.

– Official: Issued directly by the respective Institution/Company, not internet printing nor other external source.

– Updated: With a recent date, not more than six (6) months, since the document was issued.

– Authenticated: Notarized and Authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate nearest you (or Authenticate by Apostil).

– Panama Permanent Residency obtained through the Panama Pensioned Visa Program provides holder of a Panama Permanent Residency Card for certain discounts and exonerations of certain taxes.

Panama Immigration department will not allow people to visit the Panama immigration office wearing shorts, t-shirts, or sandals.  The Panama immigration office will not accept U.S. currency in denominations of US$50 or US$100, only bills of US$20 or less are accepted.

Note that all applicants for visas must be physically present at the Panama immigration office in Panama, at the time of Visa application.

When the immigration visa is approved, please plan to visit Panama for at least two weeks because immigration may hold on to your passport for several days (approximately 5 business days) while they insert the official stamps and information in the passport.

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